YouTube and the Beauty Industry.

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For any beauty lover like myself, one of the best ways to find new beauty products is through recommendations. Whether it’s someone who works at a beauty counter or through one of my friends, I always prefer getting the input of others who I trust.

Well, the beauty industry has been privy to this idea and has used one of the strongest social media tools to create a major change within its own industry. What is this this magic tool? YouTube.

The relationship that YouTube has created with the beauty community has created a hub for makeup artists, beauty enthusiasts or more commonly known as “gurus”, brands, and beauty consumers to communicate on a common platform to create a win-win-win-win among all parties involved.

For the makeup artists and gurus, it gives them a platform to showcase their skill, talent, and hard work, and it allows them to share what brands they love and use. For the consumers, it gives them insight into the better makeup techniques and brands that the enthusiast/ artists are loving, gives them knowledge about makeup trends that are occurring and gives them a way to talk to artists and gurus that would not normally be available to them. Lastly, with the brands, it gives them an opportunity to work with the gurus to promote their products in a more genuine manner that connects with a broader consumer base. It allows the brands to gain more exposure among different consumer groups and gives the brand more knowledge as to what consumers, artists, and gurus expect and demand from certain brands and products.

Because of this powerful tool, YouTube has in fact changed the way that people within the beauty community buy, consume, and market products.

There are over an estimated billion users on YouTube and 215 beauty brands creating content. There are over 180,000 beauty creator channels, over 123 million beauty subscribers, and beauty brands (such as Maybelline, L’Oreal, Sephora etc.)  own a collective of 4.6% of the beauty community space. Furthermore the beauty space has seen a 50% in growth rate of viewership, engagement, and user participation as well as a 35% increase in viewership of brand-produced beauty content.

This data has some several implication for the beauty community. It demonstrates that people are viewing more gurus, artist, and brand videos  that they trust to not only increase their makeup skill, but to buy the “right” make up products. Viewership has increasingly shifted to mobile use and based on the time of day of usage, more and more people are using these tutorials to help them get ready in the morning and evening. Beauty Gurus are becoming famous for their tutorials and are increasingly working with beauty brands to not only promote the make up brands but also collaborate with those brands to promote themselves to make their own makeup (i.e. NikkiTutorials x TooFaced, Grav3yard Girl and Tarte etc.) People are following more trends and brands through the YouTube space are gaining more visibility and insight into their own community.

Because of this massive growth online video ad revenue gained from these beauty videos has increased and recent revenues from these advertising are reported to be a total of 3.3 billion dollars.

So in order to keep a pulse on whats happening in the beauty community, one cant disregard the importance of YouTube and how its changing this massive industry.


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