Social Media Influencers and the Way Around AD Blockers By: Carlos Alguera

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Author: Carlos Alguera 

With the low tolerance that people have for unwanted ads and the evolution of ad blockers, marketers have been challenged with a titanic task, finding creative ways to reach their audience without annoying them. Let’s admit it, we all hate those ads that separate us from puppy videos on YouTube, the banner that follows us through websites with the product we were browsing for on Amazon, or the car ad that stands between our favorite TV show unfolding and us. So how can marketers advertise without upsetting the content craving/ad-hating audience of today? Well there’s are many ways, one of the most used is sponsored content.

We live in an era in which a pair of shoes are more expensive that some people’s rent. Shoes? Really? Yes, really, but shoes are not just shoes, they are the newest *insert brand of your preference*, and *person you are obsessed with* wears them. For example, the Lebron James soldier 10 shoes, to a person who barely knows about basketball they are just funny looking shoes, but for the NBA fans they are a collectible, a piece of memorabilia that ignorant-non-NBA-loving peasants will never appreciate.

So, you are meaning to tell me that because someone wears some shoes, people will wear them too? Well you are damn right they will. Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about someone, but in a nonromantic-sexual way, more along the lines of admiration and slight envy? No matter what you like, music, movies, sports or pretty much anything, there is someone you admire, someone you respect, someone you would switch lives with in a heartbeat, those people are called influencers.

Because ad-blockers are in virtually in every computer, and because people can’t wait to skip ads, the marketing industry has been threatened, so they turned to the one thing people can’t avoid, other people. There are thousands of want to be models that have a large base of followers in their social media, that gives them reach to thousands of people in a matter of a couple of clicks. Companies have identified the potential of these people and decided to use them as brand ambassadors, for example, my neighbor, she gets swim suits from a Miami base company that probably can’t afford a super bowl ad, so with promise that she will post “awesome” pictures with the product they sent her, they are willing to give it to her for free.

Going a little bit further, there are people who get codes assigned to their account, which allows companies to measure the dollar value that these influencers generate for them. Once you enter someone’s account, you fall in love with a product they are promoting, then you use their code for a discount, and you acquired the product. That purchase was generated by the influencers; therefore, they get a percentage of the sale. Although these margins are small, once multiplied by hundreds of people, maybe even thousands, that generate a good income, based out of one video, tweet, or picture.

So next time you are planning your marketing strategy, take into consideration influencers, they could be a lower cost option for your products, do not underestimate their reach, they have armies of fans, a product properly placed could make a difference between and successful and a failed marketing campaign.






Personally, I dislike these two humans, I think they embody many of the qualities that I passionately despise in people such as: Stupidity, racism, classism and others. But despite my almost hatred towards them, I got to respect how they’ve managed to build their brand.

Let’s begin with Kimberly Kardashian West, a social media icon with 99 million followers on Instagram, 51 million on Twitter, and 30 million on Facebook, she can reach over 100 million people all around the world, she has more followers that several countries have inhabitants, but why is she so famous? That’s a great question, well, there are many reasons, not only she was the step daughter of Olympic hero Bruce/ Katlyn Jenner, she’s the daughter of the late Robert Kardashian, and who is that gentleman? You might ask, well he was only the lawyer of Orenthal James Simpson in the trial The people of the state of California versus OJ Simpson, a case that caught the attention of the whole country, in which he (OJ) was found not guilty despite the vast amounts of incriminating evidence. This trial got the Kardashian family on the Radar of the media,

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