In an Era of Donald Trumps and Kim Kardashians… Be Like Them by: Carlos Alguera

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By: Carlos Alguera

Personally, I dislike these two humans, I think they embody many of the qualities that I passionately despise in people such as: Stupidity, racism, classism and others. But despite my almost hatred towards them, I got to respect how they’ve managed to build their brand.

Let’s begin with Kimberly Kardashian West, a social media icon with 99 million followers on Instagram, 51 million on Twitter, and 30 million on Facebook, she can reach over 100 million people all around the world, she has more followers that several countries have inhabitants, but why is she so famous? That’s a great question, well, there are many reasons, not only she was the step daughter of Olympic hero Bruce/ Katlyn Jenner, she’s the daughter of the late Robert Kardashian, and who is that gentleman? You might ask, well he was only the lawyer of Orenthal James Simpson in the trial The people of the state of California versus OJ Simpson, a case that caught the attention of the whole country, in which he (OJ) was found not guilty despite the vast amounts of incriminating evidence. This trial got the Kardashian family on the Radar of the media, then Kimberly started making guest appearances in Paris Hilton’s reality show as her maid/BFF, but it wouldn’t be until her big break, her sex tape with hip-hop artist Ray-J. The scandal surrounding a leaked sex tape between a celebrity and a socialite caught the attention of the American people, then this gave the family reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians rating through the roof, from that point on, everything the Kardashian touch pretty much gets turned into gold, despite not going to college, despite being labeled as dumb, and despite their constant scandals, the Kardashians have managed to turn stupidity and eccentricity into a money making machine. Just so we can put into perspective, it is estimated that an endorsement from Kim Kardashian on her Instagram is worth about one million dollars, yes, you read that right, for that nice lady to endorse your product with one picture on her Instagram, you got to pony one more than $999,999.

But if that is not enough, we have another social media influencer that now is probably worth more than the beloved Kim Kardashian, and who is this nice gentleman? Well he sits in the oval office and signs papers for living, yes, you guessed it, Donald J Trump. Just like Mrs. Kardashian, Donald Trump was born into a not so poor family, then he went up to amass a large fortune and become a celebrity on its own right, as an eccentric businessman, he creates the Trump brand, this brand contains a lot of products, from ties and suits, to luxury properties, Mr. Trump managed to sell anything that he stamped his last name on.

Now that he has been sworn into office, he has scaled to another level, with millions of followers on his social media accounts, the president of the United States famously uses his Twitter account to rant on whatever he feels like, and millions of people listen to him, whether they like him or not, that is a completely different story, the bottom line is that people listen to what he says. On top of its “army” or followers, Mr. Trump managed to catch the attention of every media outlet possible, with his eccentricity, he managed to catch as many headliners as possible during the election, that helped him voice his campaign virtually better than any other candidate, and eventually awarding him the victory.

But if that is not influential enough Mr. Trump can influence business by the sole association of them to his name. This might sound good, but well, not always, some examples are Under Armor, Uber and others. All this company’s CEO’s were deemed Trump supporters, immediately taking backlash by the detractors of the 57th president of the United States, not only being associated with all the negative connotations of Donald Trump, but hurting their stock price.

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